Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Solution for Scanner Error # 201 Error Game Online

Scanner Error Games Online
Solution for Scanner Error # 201 Error: Err, Thread (s) Integrity check Failed usually so easy, usually if there Scanner Error Error # 201 also stay open then restart the computer game again instantly. or if can not also possible because there are programs that clash with your game files.

Steps should be taken to Overcome Scanner Error Error # 201 are:
1. Restart the computer.
2. Turn off the Anti Virus is in your comp.
3. Turn off the IDM / Internet download manager and his kind.
4. Turn off Auto Run programs that allow can interfere.
5. remove all cheat program in your comp.
6. Open Game here we go.

If langkah2 above can not succeed there is also the most potent ways:
1. Flashdisk take at least 4GB of free space
2. go to the cafe / gaming house his friend who can walk smoothly.
3. copy all file in the game folder.
4. come home delete all oldestb files game.
5. paste all files game imaginable in flashdis to your comp.
6. restart your comp.
7. lest go rock.

If still cant play anymore:
1. Discard your comp.
2. Buy a new comp.
3. Intal games and go to hell.

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